This is your year. To say that you're ready and desperate for a change would be such the understatement. You've been on the hamster wheel for so long that you know it by name. And you're ready to bid it adieu for some loving, sustainable change that is authentic to your body and your path.


How would it feel to know that this is honestly the year when you'll make lasting changes in your life? The year that won't turn into 'next year' or 'maybe the year after that'. This and now is your time and what better and more honorable project to work on than yourself?


To finally honor your body, soul, and spirit as the temple that it is? This is the year that you'll learn, adjust, grow, love, accept, and flourish. We'll look at where you want to be and plan out your year in doable (amuse-bouche size!) steps and believe in that together. You'll learn what foods work best for you, what cravings really tell you, why you might self-sabotage your success and how to point your compass north once more. This program allows you to explore, learn, and grow with your biggest cheerleader by your side, helping you lovingly adjust as you move forward. This builds confidence in your actions and you'll leave this year knowing that you truly invested in yourself and you'll know how to carry your success forward.


You'll have a deeper sense of self-awareness gratitude, and passion.

And you'll fully understand that what is on your table is just as important as how you come to the table. This program takes the concepts taught in PASSION to the next level as each season presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. I'll be by your side as you encounter each season and learn how to navigate it with passion and grace. Lovely, I believe that this can be the most impactful year of your life.


This Program is For You If:

  • You're ready to feel comfortable in your own skin
  • You want to reclaim your relationship with food and fully understand how to maintain that relationship in the years to come
  • You're ready to have a calmer mindset
  • You want to approach food and life with passion and grace
  • You want to know that you know that you know that you're eating well and no longer guessing when it comes to nourishing your body
  • You desire to be off the hamster wheel and in control of your life, not feeling like life is spinning around and happening TO you. (Life is always happening FOR you)
  • You want to have the deep satisfaction that in a year's time you're a better, more knowledgable, and more authentic version of yourself
  • You're ready to emanate love and passion toward your food, yourself, and those around you
  • You're ready to re-write your story