You're ready to give this healthy-living thing a go and devote 6 months to trying, adapting, and growing. You're not only ready to learn about what foods best support you, but how foods impact your mood, your cravings, your way of interacting with yourself and the outside world. This program might start with food, but it's going to end with so much more.


So much more knowledge, love , self-acceptance, clarity and passion.


Life is too short to eat or drink poorly. This program is one part education and two parts passion. You come to the table 3 times a day, so what would it feel like to come to the table each time with gratitude and knowledge and passion? That would add up, don't you think? You'll explore and more deeply understand that how you come to the table is how you show up in life.


And you want to show up in life with energy, vitality, and love. Get ready to reclaim your relationship with food and yourself.


This Program is For You If:


  • You want to refocus and reclaim your relationship with food once and for all
  • You're ready to learn how to add food passion to your meals and your life
  • You want to understand how cravings are beautiful signals that tell you what your body is really desiring
  • You want to replace guilt and shame with passion and gratitude when you come to the table
  • You're ready to finally have confidence in what you're eating, knowing that it's the best for your body
  • You want to create healthy, sustainable habits and get off the hamster wheel
  • You're ready to devote energy to loving and honoring your body, mind, and spirit