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You are welcome here--as you currently are and the authentic self you desire to become.

Hi, I’m Tiffany and I’m truly glad you’re here. You’ve taken a big step toward owning your relationship with food. And I’m here to make every subsequent step easier and clearer.


You are passionate and loving and want to conquer the world, but you struggle to find confidence and a firm-footing when it comes to food.


Food is a social activity, a source of nourishment, nostalgia, culture, and history and is a display of love—both to the one receiving it and for the one who poured love into its creation. Food Passion is about bridging that gap between our soul's desires and passionate, thoughtful action. It's about freedom, love, grace, and confidence. It's about finally reclaiming our relationship to food, to ourself, and to others. It's about a deep, soulful understanding of how food is Love. Beauty. A driving force behind our passionate lives. Afterall, how we eat is how we live.


And your life is hectic. How you eat is chaotic. You're trying to keep it all together and sometimes can't figure out your next foothold. So.Many.Balls.In.The.Air. A healthy relationship with food just seems so...unattainable. That's where I come in. I get it. I've been there. And a healthy relationship with food is so attainable. My mission is to break it down for for and be your passionate guide along the way. As you make one-degree shifts in thought, practice, and spirit, you begin to experience the levity, clarity, and freedom of moving through life with passion, purpose, and grace. Fear, anxiety, and guilt around food begin to melt away as you learn how to eat, how to best nourish your body, and how to come to the table. Eating moves from a passive activity riddled with negativity to one that is pursued with knowledge and purpose. Maya Angelou said,

When you know better, you do better.

I have a deeply embedded belief that food can and should be a source of positive life-force. I’m here to teach you how to reclaim your relationship with food and yourself.


After all, the pursuit of authentic self might just be the most important project you ever take on. And it starts with food. You are so welcome here. Check out the Blog and My Story see if anything resonates. And when you have that knowing in the deepest part of your knowing that it's time to own your worth (because, believe me, you are so worthy) and to take on your own food passion project, I'll be here. I've been waiting for you.

Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

Meet Tiffany


My life is an ode to food and a love story with it.


Are you ready to reclaim your relationship with food and fall in love with it--maybe again, maybe for the first time?


Not a day goes by where I don't think about food, dream about food, and simply pay hommage to it. It's ability to energize us, nourish us, and yes, even comfort us. Food is the great unifier and something to be understood, respected, and honored. And there's freedom in coming to the table with grace and gratitude. I am here to transform how you come to the table so that you can be passionate, purposeful, and free. It's that impactful.


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